# 2

; “you’re _”

You’re fat

I have heard this sentence repeatedly, possibly since I was three when I signed up for ballet class.

Sometimes, I resent my physical self. “Why can’t I be skinny like every other girl?”, was a question that stuck to my mind, even till now, if I’m going to be honest about this. On some days, when I am undeniably positive, I would tell myself, “Get your lazy ass out of bed and do some exercise.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have the willpower to tell myself that everyday. Hence, my weight fluctuates undesirably.

Every year on my birthday, I would wish for the same thing. One, good grades for the next year. Two, a slimmer body. But of course, I knew, that those things will not happen with a snap of my fingers. And over the years, I grew accustomed to those comments. So much that I would say it before they do, hoping that I would feel less hurt. But I didn’t.

Today, my junior wrote about body shaming on instagram, and I was incredibly touched. In this society where the majority ridicules the plus sized, there are actually people out there standing up for the not-so-skinny without hesitation. Yes, I am aware that she isn’t the first. But, it is easy to forget all the positive notions to change the world’s view on these issues and focus on the negativity.

So I guess I’ll choose to tell myself, “You’re alright.”

Let me know if someone has told you “you’re _”!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥



  1. Waffle · February 16, 2017

    hi love,

    just like yourself, people have said, “you’re fat”, or “you’re hairy”, or “you’re black”, or “you’re ugly”, but the worst was – “you’re weird.” (in a negative way)

    and i sorta grew up believing the words they said, but it took me a long time to realise that they were wrong and i’m perfectly fine.

    just like you, you are fine and i hope that you will learn to see and accept that whole-heartedly, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    love you ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • elaineclairelle · February 16, 2017

      Omg love :’) thankyou so much! Yeap. I got to believe in myself a bit more huh!


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