# 3

; do what I preach

In this world, there are many issues/ things that not all people agree on. And I definitely have my own beliefs, just like everyone else.

But in this post, it’s mostly about my attitude towards others.

It is easy to be selfish and narrow-minded, but it is only right to look from other people’s perspectives/ view points in any situation. We expect others to respect us, treat us with kindness and understand our side of the story. But don’t we do the same?

I dislike people talking behind my back, but don’t I do the same when I tell my friends about how irritating some people can be?

Life is full of ironies, that is true. But we can help create better peace and harmony. Why do we have to ‘fight’ eye for eye?

If we continuously hurt one another, the hurt will never stop. It is hard enough to forget, and probably even harder to forgive, but nevertheless it is the only way to stop this sorrow.

I realised that I often talk about this, be it to myself or a few others, but I keep repeating these mistakes and it’s high time I change my ways. I should start to do what I preach. Not only regarding this issue, but all issues.

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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