# 8

; respect

Yup. I just dropped a big word. But really though, respect is like common courtesy.

Yesterday something bad happened.

I was reading my book in the train, on my way to Cineleisure Orchard. I wanted to ensure that I was in a less crowded space so I moved towards the centre of the carriage where there was a pole, and I leaned against it. Everything was going well until a man, who was seated diagonally to my right, whipped out his phone to take a picture of me – well at that point of time, I wasn’t quite sure if it was me or something else.

I can’t exactly blame him because sometimes I do take pictures with other people in it. But, at least I was discreet about it..? He directed his camera at me for a good two minutes and I  really tried to get it off my mind and be absorbed by my book.

As if one picture was not enough, when he was taking a wefie with his friend on his right, he turned his entire body around so that I would be in the photo as well. At this point I was irritated. I quickly used my book as a shield for my face while I curse in my mind.

I was two stops away from my destination and thus I started moving towards the door. I glanced over to check that he remained seated. And he was still on the bench. “Thank God, ” I secretly said to myself, and went back to my book.

The doors were closing at the next stop when I felt someone grab and slide his hand down my shoulder. I turnt around to see the same person. Not even trying to apologise for what he just did. I was furious. But my rational mind was there to stay, and I just focused on my breathing.

I quickly got off the next stop and checked that he was not getting off. And guess what? He went back to the bench.

I don’t know if it is acceptable from where he comes from. But I don’t think that any culture would condone that kind of behaviour..?

I was lucky that he only touched my shoulder, yet it got me into thinking about the what ifs. What if it wasn’t just the shoulder?

Have you encountered a situation where you felt like someone wasn’t giving you the basic respect that you deserve?

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥



  1. Waffle · February 16, 2017

    hi love,

    that must have been a scary experience!? i mean, he touched you and that’s something to be reported to the police. it makes me angry too.

    you handled the situation pretty well, but i’m also concerned if he does it other people and i hope that he will learn a lesson if someone retaliates and reports him.

    but i’m concerned if you are alright?

    love you ❤️


    • elaineclairelle · February 16, 2017

      It almost set off another attack, but I’m fine. I was upset for a day, but after that I felt fine. I kind of regretted not telling him off. But then again, I’m sure he will get his just desserts soon enough. 🙂


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