Chinatown (The End)

Hello friends!

Thank you for reading the entire series and I’m glad to say that it has come to an end. I never expected all the wonderful comments. You guys shower me with so much love xx. Hope that you liked part three as much as the first two 🙂

Thank you so much for everything!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥

I reached into my bag and slapped the white tag onto my nape. A small pair of wings etched into my skin in metallic silver like a metallic tattoo.

“Angelica,” I spoke under my breath, and a pure white majestic dragon emerged from the fresh mark at the back of my neck. It’s been long since I last saw you, Angelica’s voice ringed in my mind. I hugged her quickly and filled her in on the situation at hand through my memories whilst climbing onto her back. I gripped onto the tinier two of the four crystal horns on her head and she glided into the air, speeding through the exit door.

With one swift movement, she whipped her two-metres-long tail with iridescent long hairs extending from the end. Immediately, air currents encircled the screaming audience and lifted them into the air, directing them away from the disaster. It was as if we hushed a group of crying babies in a matter of seconds. Everyone was currently dead silent and staring at Angelica with their mouths wide open. Am I really that gorgeous? “Yes you are Angelica,” I said as I stroked her soft mane.

Behind me, the theatre crumbles into debris and everyone, including us, shifts their focus back onto the ongoing fiery issue.

I dig up my blue tag and wrap it around my left wrist. Swirls of blue inch their way up my arm, leaving my arm embellished with a ‘watermark’ that glistened in the sunlight. “William,” I summoned. This time, a hauntingly beautiful dark blue beast flowed out of my palm. Strings of pearls trail down his shiny, scaly skin and never-ending water flows out from the sides of his nose in the form of whiskers.

Unlike Angelica, William rarely speaks. Yet, he knows everything that is on my mind. Without having to say anything, he twitches his whiskers and water pours over the inferno.

Onlookers clap and cheer on as the blaze finally succumbs. The shield slowly disperses as their feet touches the ground, and Angelica lands a few feet away from the crowd knowing how much I dislike crowds. William dives back into my arm and the swirls flow back to its origin and transforms back into a blue tag. “Thank you,” I smiled gratefully.

Shall I return as well? “Yeah, sure. Thank you so much Angelica. I can’t wait to see you again,” I gave her one last squeeze. Anytime. And with that, she too, turnt back into a white tag.

Left alone with the audience and an even bigger crowd, who all came to see what all the commotion was about, I reverted back to my inconfident self and shuffled backwards. However, before I could pick up my feet and sprint away, they erupted into a huge applause, calling me names like “Hero”..


For the first time, in such a long time, I felt like I was accepted by the community. I lowered my head and I burst into tears of joy as everyone came up to thank me. It seemed like a moment that could last forever, until I heard someone murmur, “But what about the damage.. This is going to take long to fix..” Negativity spread just as quick as the flames that destroyed the theatre and I bit my nail, thinking if any of my beasts could help. But no they couldn’t. They couldn’t turn back time.

Then I had an idea.

“We can do it, together!” I proposed, pumping enthusiasm into it. Their faces lit up and suddenly everyone patted each other’s backs and echoed, “Yeah, we can do it together!” I grinned. I did it. I made people happy.

In the following months, the town got together everyday to help rebuild the theatre. And I am not boasting but it looks even more stunning than before. The bamboo that lined the walls of the theatre were sawed to precision, and polished till they shone even under moonlight. The stage was even larger than before, adorned with colourful lights at the sides behind velvet curtains that hanged from poles 3 metres high.

We did it.

The town’s people gathered around the newly opened theatre and gawked at its beauty. From the corner of my eye, I saw the town’s elder walking towards me and I turnt to bow but he bowed first. Now, everyone was facing us. “For everything you have done for us, please allow us to name the town after you,” and he hands me a rectangular plate covered with the same velvet used for the curtains.

I remove the velvet cloth to reveal a gold plate with ‘Chinatown’ carved into it. Tears filled my eyes and words could not express how I felt. Grateful, blessed and loved all at once. I skimmed through the crowd and they all gave me an approving look.

“Yes of course. Thank you all so much,” I finally managed. And the people gave me an applause that I will never forget for a lifetime.



  1. Waffle · February 21, 2017

    hi love,

    omg i loved this ❤️ i loved the flow of it and how you ended it wonderfully too!

    it was a pleasant experience reading the trilogy (:


    Liked by 1 person

    • elaineclairelle · February 21, 2017

      Omg you never fail to make me feel all warm and fuzzy each time you comment! :’) thank you so much love! xoxo ❤


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