Promise (¼)

Hello friends!

How are you all doing today? Once the last part of Chinatown went live yesterday, I have been racking my brains on which lucid dream to work on. Eventually, I settled for this one!

Disclaimer: It is a tweaked version of my lucid dream. Not the actual version 🙂

Hope you guys love this as much as Chinatown!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


I took a deep breath and smiled. So fresh. I spread my arms wide and run my hands through the grass lightly. The breeze brushes my fringe to the side ever so slightly and I look up. The cloudless sky was a beautiful greyish blue. Perfect.

Who knew that my last day would be this perfect?

I plucked a little dandelion and raised it high up. It looked like a little grey cumulus cloud if I disregarded the stalk. A wind blew and bit by bit, the fluff flew away, leaving a bare stalk.

“Everything you had just flew away, just like how everything I had flew away too,” I laughed weakly, amazed at how much I can relate to it. I lowered it down to my chest and a tear escaped my eye. It still hurts.. The ache in my heart travels up my throat such that it becomes difficult to breathe or swallow. I close my eyes and he appears, grinning from ear to ear, displaying his perfectly straight set of teeth. He ruffles his hair as he yawns like a child. But my favourite feature would always be his eyes. One was a deep sea green and the other, a hazelnut brown.

He pulls the back of my head towards him and my lips part slowly. His soft, delicious lips find mine and he kisses me so deeply and passionately, I melt into his arms. His fingers trail down my back and his stubble tickles my chin, making me giggle.

I open my eyes and I’m back into reality.

“Good dream?” a deep voice questions.


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