Promise (½)

Good evening friends!

I received a few kind comments on the first part of Promise and I was delighted 😀

As usual, please leave comments for part two 🙂

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


Shocked, I scrambled into a sitting position with my spine as straight as a pole. I must have looked like a meerkat looking around for predators because I heard a chuckle from the sidewalk above. I glanced in the direction of the sound to find a person standing at the top of the hill.

I fixed my gaze on him as he walked down the steep slope carefully. “Hi,” he greeted me with a foolish grin. “Um.. Hi?” he didn’t seem fond of my questionable look and continued, “I’m not a bad guy. I was just on my way to the mart until I saw you.” I remained silent and made my way down the slope while he followed.

I stared hard at the reflection of me in the lake. He looked so dishevelled. A few green strands of grass stuck in his hair, red puffy eyes and a sunken face. I look like a total wreck. “I should get home,” I mumbled, but unfortunately the stranger heard me and said, “I’ll walk you.” Too tired to argue, I ignored him and began to walk home.

“So.. you haven’t answered my question yet. Did you have a good dream?” He attempted at a conversation. “No,” I replied solemnly. “Well what was it about?” He persisted. Doesn’t he get the hint that I don’t want to talk? I glared at him sideways and he must have caught it because he did not utter a word after that. We came to a row of houses with vibrant, multi-coloured roofs by the beach. But the roofs were not the only thing that stood out. The pebbled beach was made out of pebbles in every colour, in every shade you could possibly imagine.

Once, I loved this view. But now, I can’t stand to see it because it reminds me of everything I want to forget.

He hopped his way down and skipped past a few houses and stopped right in front of my house. How did he know? Has he been following me? “I’m home now, you may leave me be,” treading on the stones underneath my feet. “Come on, invite me in for tea? I walked you all the way here and now I’m thirsty..” Emphasising on the ‘thirsty’. I brushed past him and unlocked my door. Before I could register anything, he pushed my door wide open, strode in uninvited and sprawled himself out on my couch.

“What are you doing?” I demanded an explanation. “Lying on your couch, waiting for your tea?” He laughed. “I meant, what are you doing in my house?” I said through gritted teeth. This time, he took a few long strides to where I was and banged the door shut behind me.

Dumbfounded, I stumbled backwards until I hit my back on the door.


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