Promise (The End)

Hello friends!

So sorry I published this late at night! Promise is finally over :’) My next post would probably be a ‘2017 | thoughts’ post 🙂 Thank you for all the love you have given to Tyler and Ryan! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this one too!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥

The warm sunlight seeped through my white net curtains to rouse me and I blink my eyes into a squint due to the blinding light. As I got up to draw the blinds, I found Ryan sleeping soundly next to me. Wait what..? Was it all just a dream? Awoken by my movement, Ryan rubbed his eyes and placed a hand on mine. “Good morning love, feeling better?” He yawned his childlike yawn as always. “You.. were gone.. weren’t you?” I asked hesitantly, partly because I wished that it really was a dream. His face as pale as a sheet of paper, he nodded his head in guilt.

Why the heck did you do that? I thought that you were dead? Do you know that I almost killed myself? Where did you go? What were you doing all this while? All these questions raced through my mind but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to verbalise them.

“I.. left you because of your parents..” Ryan began. And when I did not react to what he said, he blurted out everything. “They wanted me to leave you, thinking that without me, you will become ‘normal’. But I couldn’t breakup with you.. So I left you that letter..” He pointed at the pitiful wrinkled paper on my bedside table, “Saying that the stress of us being together was too much for me and that I couldn’t live anymore.. However I couldn’t bare to live a day without you, so I begged for your parent’s acceptance and worked hard to let them entrust you to me.” At this point, Ryan flashed his dashing smile. “And.. now, they finally do,” he sounded extremely proud of himself. “So I got on the first plane out of Toronto to Cali, but when I got here.. that bastard spoilt everything..” He glances over at where our fingers intertwine and gives mine a little squeeze.

It seriously happened. “Where is he now?” I asked. “Out of your sight, forever.” His cheeks flushed from anger. I am such an idiot. “You know how you wanted me to promise you that even without you, I’d still lead the same happy life? I couldn’t do it. I was literally a living zombie. What would you have done if you returned to a dead body huh?” I prodded his body. “I guess I’d just have to find you in heaven then?” Ryan grinned cheekily. Ugh whatever, at least Ryan is back. He’s home. Even though I never make the first move, I decided to let this one time slip. I leaned over and we engaged in a long and alluring kiss. It felt desperate, calming and mindblowing all at once. Finally, I was whole again. Not even in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this. Breaking off from his strong grip, I studied his face, his eyes and his lips. I’m not dreaming.

Just as he was pulling me in for another kiss, my doorbell went off. Quick on his feet as always, Ryan went ahead and immediately welcoming the guests as he turnt the knob. Who is it? My skin still tingled whenever I thought of the stranger who pinned me down and touched my bare skin with his cool, long fingers.

Deep in thought, I didn’t even notice who came in until they walked up to the foot of my bed. “Oh Tyler, look at how much you’ve thinned.. We are so sorry we weren’t open-minded enough before.. And we didn’t realise how much we have hurt you by doing all of that. Luckily for us, Ryan has changed our mind. You really found yourself a good man.” My parents apologised, and nagged, and teared.

Then all of a sudden, Ryan appeared from behind the wall with the most humongous bouquet of blue roses. My favourite! He nervously walks towards me with his eyes fixed on mine, and he kneels on one knee.

“Tyler, these past six months have been an agonising hell without you. And it is in that hellish part of my life that I am even more sure than before that I want to spend the rest of my life with you no matter how long or short we may live.. Tyler Merliot.. Will you marry me?” Ryan looked at me expectantly with tears filling up his eyes.

“No..” I proclaimed and his face darkened, “If you dare to leave me again.” And I gave him a little wink.

“Never.” He assured me, while looking like a kid who just got his candy, and he slipped a beautiful silver ring, with his name engraved on it, on my fourth finger.

Pop pop pop. Party poppers went off as our family and relatives strolled in. They cheered and whistled as they gave us their blessings. Shocked and elated all at once, I too, cried tears of joy along with everyone else. Ryan took my hand and kissed it and whispered in my ear, “I love you Ty. Here’s to forever. “


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