# 11

; karma

Do you believe in karma? I do. Here’s an example of why I do:

This morning, I didn’t go out on time, hence I decided to call a cab. Got into the cab, everything was great. He talked to me about nurses, doctors, his life, his kids etc. (because I was in my uniform), and then I think I got scammed. I saw $10+ for travel fee and $3+ for charge. But he took the $13+ total and added another $3? So the taxi fare was totalled up to $17+. Also, the fare range was between $12 to $16.

I didn’t bother at that time because all I could think about was getting to the event on time. But then that issue lingered in my mind for awhile. It was only when I was more or less settled in the venue that I thought about it properly. Well, being scammed is fine but that meant that I only had $2+ for the rest of the day.

Afternoon came and I was super hungry but I was going to see my friends (who are also my juniors) at their camp in school, so I decided to get some food before seeing them. I passed the uncle my empty lunchbox, forgetting that I only had $2+ left in my wallet. It was only after the uncle had placed a huge bowl of rice (even though I asked for half a bowl) in my first container did I remember that I probably couldn’t pay for it.

So I quickly asked the uncle how much would it cost to get one meat and one vegetable (Yes I was at a Mixed Vegetable/ 杂菜饭 stall)? And the uncle just laughed. He asked me in return how much money I had on hand. I told him that I only had $2.70 and he said it’s okay and proceeded to scoop huge portions of vegetable and meat for me.

In the end, I paid $2.50 (Uncle gave me 20c back) for one meat and two vegetables with a humongous bowl of rice. I was so elated.

So, do you believe in karma? Let me know if you do/ don’t and why 😉

Share your stories with me! I would love to hear them ❤

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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