# 12

; conquering fears

Everyone has at least one fear.. Am I right? Well, this year, I’ve decided to conquer my fears.

My fears include the following:

  1. Darkness
  2. Movies that have paranormal activity
  3. Insects
  4. Lighting fire (the little thing people carry around to light candles)
  5. Wearing jeans
  6. Letting people see my sweaty-ass, tomato-red face
  7. Getting to a rooftop
  8. Having to pose alone infront of any camera
  9. Asking people to go out with me
  10. Spending time with people

Well darkness is linked to paranormal activity. I would either leave the lights on at night or off and hide under my covers in one move and pray that nothing is going to happen.

I have a really imaginative mind and a visual memory on top of that, so movies with paranormal activity would just aggravate fear number 1.

I’m terrified of insects. If there’s a lizard on the ceiling near the entrance of my toilet, I take like 5 minutes or even longer to get out of there. And I’d be running with my eyes closed, again, praying that the lizard is not going to drop on me. Same thing for spiders. No matter how small they are, if I see them, I need to kill them (I plead guilty) because I’m afraid that they might crawl into my mouth or ears or nose when I’m sleeping at night.

I cannot deal with lighting up a fire when my fingers are so close to it. I can light up a torch lighter, but not the lighter for smoking?

Wearing jeans have been a fear because I have stumpy legs. But recently, I have been loving my denim culottes!

I don’t really enjoy being all sweaty infront of people. Okay maybe this is more of a dislike than a fear HAHA.

I haven’t been to a rooftop because I have no idea how people actually have access to it. But being at a rooftop scares me because of a lucid dream I had when I was younger (I jumped of my own HDB building and died).

I am super camera shy. I dislike having my photos taken in public, or being in videos etc., mainly because I’m not confident of my body..? I can’t pose for nuts when there are people walking around me.

Fear number 9 and 10 are linked. I can’t ask people to go out with me because I don’t know how to spend time with other people?! I get super awkward and ughhh I’m scared that they will get bored of me. I have been spending time with myself most of my life so it kind of stresses me out when I’m heading out with someone.

What do you fear? Let me know in the comments 🙂 Let’s conquer it together!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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