# 16

; who am i? who are you?

Will we ever know who we actually are?

Perhaps in the future? But I don’t. Not now.

Now, I am craving to learn more about myself with every opportunity I get. And it is only now that I get surprised by myself everyday.

I used to be someone who loves to stick to routines. I would do the same thing at the same time, walk the same route, drink the same drinks, order the same food etc. But currently, because I want to explore my limits, I decided to do stuff that are out of my comfort zone, or out of the ordinary for me.

Empowered by attempting to conquer my fears, I have begun going to more crowded places to test my limits. I have been wearing my fashion fears more often. I have been talking more.

And I feel that putting myself out there does help give me a clearer idea of my limits. For example, I can only stand being in a crowd for a minute or two if I’m stationary. And all these little things could help me understand myself a little more. But there are only so many things I can try from where I am.

Yesterday, my friend told me some details about being a travel intern. And immediately, something inside of me urged me to go for it. I need to be alone and fully independent in this journey to understand who I really am. Hopefully my parents will allow me to go if I do get the chance to?

How about you? Are you on your journey to find yourself too? 🙂

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥



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