Another Option?

℘ Life Update Time ℘

Hey friends! So I did say that I would love to be in Australia for my further studies. But as of now, that idea may be far fetched. My dream to visit/ migrate there someday is definitely still in place. But that dream of mine may have to be delayed.

Due to my family circumstances, I decided that I should not leave Singapore now. And I’d just have to find another option here. And yes I have. Even though I’m not entirely sure that it is for me, I would love to try the auditions. See how things go?

Currently, my mind is occupied with choreographing for CCA Fiesta. Will I ever be satisfied with my own work HAHAHA. Hopefully this will turn out well. 🙂

I’m really sorry about not posting as frequent as before. Hope to talk to you all soon!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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