# 20

; makeup

Is it just me or is everyone increasingly cautious about revealing what they actually put on their face?

In our society, where girls are ‘supposed’ to have ‘flawless’ skin, doll-like eyes and a high-bridged nose to be considered beautiful by the majority, I don’t understand why it has become increasingly awkward for girls to speak up about makeup.

There are those who wear lots of makeup, totally own it and are also totally honest about it. And then there are those who wear lots of makeup, totally own it, but they are definitely not honest about it.

You know when you see something or someone who is super gorgeous all made up and you ask them how they did it and they simply tell you, “Oh I woke up like this.”

It’s like I can see the foundation you put on your face, friend.

As the world is moving towards natural-looking makeup, ladies are more and more cautious about telling others what they have put on their face.

If you are one of them, I want to tell you how much I envy your skills. I mean seriously, I look like the Wicked Witch of the West whenever I try to put on makeup (especially when I’m doing a smokey eye). I would tell you to just own it, and be proud of it.

Knowing how to apply makeup well is a great skill. Just as is knowing how to skate, how to dance, how to sing etc. Keep your head up! Makeup products were created to help ladies look like who they actually are on the inside. It’s an artistic expression in my opinion.

Yet, I would also want everyone to understand that you do not NEED makeup to be beautiful. What really matters is your heart. People do ‘assess’ you based on your appearance at first, but they will only stay if you have a good heart as well.

And for those who feel like they are inadequate, you are not. You can do so much more than you can imagine. As long as your heart is on the right path, you will meet the right people. Good things are worth the wait! 😀

Spread love not hate ❤

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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