# 22

; will I regret it?

Have you ever had that moment where you are unsure whether you would regret your decision?

I have been through this a couple of times already to be honest. There was that one time where I had to choose between joining International SYF or Chinese SYF dance teams in Secondary School, and I chose International in the end. I didn’t regret my choice of course, but that moment was agonising.

Right now though, it is a totally different thing.

I am not sure if you remember my blogpost #15, but it was about me having to make a decision on whether or not to join an alumni item for my Secondary School. I decided to go for it, but now, even more people who don’t like me are in the group. And they are the same people who destroyed me back then.

A part of me knows that I cannot hide from them forever, but another part of me just doesn’t want to associate myself with them anymore.

Still, I have to try right? No more running away.

I may regret my decision, or something good may happen out of this. We’ll just have to see. I really hope that this will be worthwhile. 😀

Is anyone else going through a similar situation? Share your story with me? xx

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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