# 23

; something worth sharing

All of us will have people who inspire us, motivate us and encourage us at any given moment in our life. And for those who know me, you’d know that I was having a rough time these couple of days. But last Friday, my soul felt enriched again.

I went for a dance class and it focused on seeing simplicity in complex movements and creating complexity in simple movements. We explored different ways we could isolate our body parts and create a completely movement. It was like returning to your basic foundation, seeing how much more you can extend or stretch.

Well halfway through the lesson, our instructor communicated to us the difference between knowledge and information. Well to put things simply, information is facts, data and context, while knowledge is useful information. Meaning, only when you have fully understood, digested the information and made good use of it, will it be knowledge.

Just like my instructor, I used to think that it was the same thing.

In this age where information is so easily obtained (literally it’s in one application), how many of us actually use it? Are we relying too much on the internet now? What we all have is information, yet very little becomes knowledge because we just refer back to the internet at the end of the day.

It is just like when students are studying for examinations. Exactly how much of the information is retained in our mind after the exams?

Another thing that she shared really lifted my spirits (indirectly). She said and I quote, “Sometimes we believe God for things for a long time. It’s not because God is slow in answering, it’s because He is refining us. So when the blessing is given, it doesn’t destroy us.”

At first I was confused about ‘destroy’. If it was a blessing, how could it destroy us? But in fact, it can. My instructor continued to explain that people would often wish to achieve something or attain a certain level without wanting to go through the hardship that is necessary. But how can you get a tree when you don’t even have a seed?

If you would love to have a beautiful garden, you would need plenty of seeds, water and sunlight. The seeds would be the technique or skill, the water would be your effort and the sunlight would be your attitude and motivation.

Only with all three, will you grow your plants to become sturdy and healthy.

Also, sometimes it is okay to not get what you wanted. What you get in return may be even better than what you wished for. Even if it was not better, you would have learnt something in return as well. Failure does not define you, your resilience does.

I hope that I was able to deliver my instructor’s message to even more people in the world 😀 Have a great day ahead everyone!

Spread love, not hate. ❤

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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