# 25

; the future

Have you ever made plans so far ahead that they are in the following year?

Next year, I’ll be going to Australia for studies in February.  And these few days I can’t help but keep thinking that this time next year, I’ll be in Australia. My entire life would change then.

I would be in a totally unfamiliar environment, and even though I am scared about a gazillion things, I am determined to not let them stop me.

Recently, I have been actively facing my fears to prepare myself. Going to events, crowded places, and doing things I have never done before, etc. And as I conquer my fears, my confidence is boosted as well.

However, facing the future is a completely different thing. Knowing that I would be having a ‘long distance relationship’ with everyone I know actually makes me feel somewhat afraid.

All the ‘what if’s in my head really do get the better of me sometimes. But I know that I need to do this. To become more independent, to become more confident and to know myself better.

It sounds crazy to some of my friends HAHA. I literally get angry texts and sad texts when they knew of this. But I know that they will still support me in whatever I do, wherever I go. And I am incredibly grateful and I feel extremely blessed to have such friends (even though I am also terrible at expressing my gratitude).

Are any of you planning to study overseas too? Or do you also think about what may be happening exactly a year from now?

Let me know what you guys are up to?

Also, I apologise for not posting yesterday. I went to a wedding yesterday and got back late, pretty drunk HAHA. 😛

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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