# 26

; are we making things complicated for ourselves?

Why are we so compelled to judge everything? So eager to categorise everything? We judge people and then label them to be this or that when we really don’t have to. We are all humans, and we are all living organisms on this planet we call Earth (if we were to include all the animals, plants and microorganisms too).

I realised that we (including myself) have been too hard on ourselves.

Influenced by the media, influenced by the previous generations’ grudges whatsoever, we have been labelling people subconsciously in our minds.

Even after that realisation, we still do it, because it has already become a habit. No matter how much we tell ourselves ‘no’, our mind has been ‘programmed’ to. And yes the society is working towards being more accepting, but I’m afraid that it may take ages to happen.

People see the vessels before the souls. They see the appearance, they give it a rating, and then decide whether they want to know the soul.

Though I agree with the fact that people are very visual creatures, and that we love aesthetically pleasing things, I think that we are losing our chances of making real human connections because of this bad habit.

What I mean by making real human connections is things like eye contact, smiling, body language or small talk (not catcalling etc. HAHA).

On social media, we see people getting together. Some get together to create art, music etc., and we all go “n’aww”, but when we are out there, we are the people who are stuck to our phones, seeing how many likes we got on our last instagram post. We tend to forget that we too can make a difference.

Some may say, “But I don’t have any talents to show on the streets?” Well, guess what? You don’t need to have any sort of talent to talk to anyone, or help anyone.

What if we all challenged ourselves to talk to at least one stranger a day? To understand their story more? It may seem really crazy to you, like why would I even want to learn about a stranger’s life?

But I am sure that you’d be surprised at the end of the day. Try it! Turn a frown upside down! I will try it too, once I can actually get out of my house HAHA.

Let me know how it goes? And for those who have anxiety, remember that nothing will go wrong, just take a deep breath and I know that you can do it. 😀

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥



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