FeMale | Part One

Hey friends!

I started writing a new story today! It’s been way too long HAHA ūüėõ

Hopefully you will enjoy this read! Let me know in the comments!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥

“Remember to play it the moment we win the game, dork,” a blonde jock scoffed.

“Uh… okay,” the sound guy’s chestnut locks fell forward as he dived under the long work table to connect some wires.

Just as the jock was about to push him, the door flew open and a dark skinned boy exclaimed, “Come on Josh, we’ve got a game to win,” grinning widely. His teeth looked especially white against his dark skin tone.

“Right,” Josh¬†winked at Roy and turning to the sound guy, he said in an almost threatening tone, “Remember, it’s gotta be perfect.” He flashed his pretty boy smile, and with that, he was gone, slamming the door behind him.

Sighing, the sound guy climbed out from under the grey table. He pulled his shoulder-length hair back into a bun and tied it off with the little brown hair tie that sat on his wrist before.

His sea green eyes gazed upon his laptop screen that displayed the music video Josh wanted him to play.

“Ooh ooh ooh ohh, this is gonna be the best day of my life…” The song resonated in the room.

Staring out the one-way mirror, he saw people, mainly girls, squealing with delight as they strolled in with huge red banners with either ‘Go Aardvarks!’ or ‘We Love You Josh!’ written neatly in white ink. ¬†“Funny how people manage to write so neatly on banners when they have illegible handwriting for homework,” he thought to himself.

Just then, a stout boy came through the grey door and plopped down on the black chair situated infront of the microphone on the desk. Rubbing his eyes, he whined, “Ugh, I had way too many burgers for lunch!”

Upon seeing his friend, the sound operator snapped out of his trance and did a final check on the sound system.

“Chad I’m so tired!” his friend sighed dramatically.

“You should probably just stick to eating one burger next time…” Chad trailed off while he took his seat and asked, “You ready Aaron?” Aaron heaved one last sigh and perked himself up by slapping himself lightly on both cheeks.

“Welcome to the Annual Interschool Games! Today we have our very own Aardvarks against Eudnas’ Eagles!” Aaron enthusiastically announces as the crowd cheered while holding their banners up high. Both football teams emerged and the audience went wild, screaming at the top of their lungs.

As Aaron commentated, Chad was lost in thought, mulling¬†over Josh’s plan.

“She won’t be able to resist this ‘grand romantic gesture’ of mine. She’s going to say yes,” Josh exuded so much confidence that Chad was convinced.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a girl with long and wavy bright auburn hair dashed past. Chad froze at the sight of her fiery red hair. Prancing down the steps, she was as graceful as a gazelle. Her hair resembled flames in the wind. At the bottom of the stairs, she was greeted warmly with a hug by a blonde girl.

“Score!” Aaron screamed with a fist punching in the air. Chad jumped up from his seat. Aaron stood up warily and whispered with a hand covering the microphone, “Hey, you okay? Your cheeks look like tomatoes.” Chad quickly dismissed his worries, “I’m fine, it’s kind of hot in here. I’m going to go out for some air.”

Chad then walked briskly to the toilet. “What were you thinking? She is someone else’s…” Chad repeatedly told himself as he splashed his face with icy cold water.

“Touchdown! With just a minute left, will the Eagles be able to turn the tables around?” Aaron’s voice echoed from the field.

“What?!” Chad began to sprint towards the press box as he remembered Josh’s words.

Just as the referee blew the final whistle, Chad swung the door open, panting. This time, Aaron inhaled sharply¬†with widened eyes, and exclaimed in a hushed tone, “Chad! Don’t … Do that! I thought that Chucky was here to kill me!” Chad chuckled and took three strides to the laptop.

Aaron shook his head and announced that the Aardvarks won the game. Chad played ‘Best Day Of My Life’ by American Authors as requested,¬†and the entire stadium erupted into¬†applause as party poppers went off and confetti rained down on the spectators.

Josh made his way up to the stadium seats with a huge bouquet of red roses in hand. His eyes were determined, without a doubt, he was a man on a mission. Josh halted once he caught sight of the auburn haired girl, and in a split second, he was on one knee and the crowd grew silent just as the music faded.

“Juliet,” he started, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Juliet stood as still as a statue. “I…I…” She stammered as everyone else looked on expectantly.


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