Week of 24th April ’17


On Monday, I went back to my secondary school to help with makeup for their Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) performance.

It was kind of nostalgic I guess.

Seeing how all the kids I last saw 2 years ago, have grown up, it felt like time passed by quickly but not as quickly as I thought.

It is kind of a complicated feeling.

Secondary school takes up 4 years of studying and Polytechnic takes up 3 years of studying. When they were Secondary 1, I was a first year in Polytechnic. So even though I’m graduating next week, they still have a year to go. However, I saw how much they have matured as a person.

While helping them with makeup, I talked to them and some of them told me about their aspirations, while others told me that they were nervous about the performance.

It was kind of refreshing in a way.

Though I didn’t plan to watch their performance at Kallang Theatre, I went in the end, and I felt really proud to be their senior. My heart was in my mouth the entire performance. Though there were a few mistakes here and there, they were really great! And it reminded me of my secondary school days as well.


Wednesday was especially fun because I tried to go undercover (but clearly failed in the end).

Initially, I didn’t plan to try out at the auditions, but in the end I just went ahead with it with a senior of mine and a junior of mine, just for laughs!

I think my cover was already blown the minute I got there because I greeted all of my friends there HAHA. But hey, it’s just for fun afterall.

My senior, however, was really good at being the ‘secret agent’. I was really impressed HAHA!

So we wrote down fake information on the papers and after a long day, we went in as the last group of the day.

It was also this day that I either injured my right knee, or realised that I injured my right knee.


Fast forward to Friday, I asked a friend of mine who is really good at physiotherapy stuff to help me take a look at my knee.

And it was true that I injured my right knee. So he helped me to fix it for free! 😀 And he asked me if my left knee was alright. I told him that there were some issues once in a while and so he took a look at it. At first he thought that the side was just bruised. But all of a sudden, he felt something more.

Long story short, my patella was out of place.

And another series of massaging began. It wasn’t exactly unbearable pain, but you would actually tear from the pain.

I went home with jelly-o knees that night.

I was clearly instructed to ice each knee for 3 mins. And focus on not locking my knee (which was really difficult). It was then that I realised how much I lock my knee subconsciously.


Saturday came. And it was time for dance practice.

I am performing in my secondary school’s performing arts concert, Kaleidoscope, as an alumni with 17 other people.

We are doing a sexy jazz number in 2-inch heels which clearly meant that I had to be even more careful.

Before practice started, a junior of mine helped me to massage the muscle knots in my thighs (she had the same issue when she was 14), and I instantly felt incredibly blessed.

Unfortunately for us, we haven’t gotten our heels yet, so I was dancing in possibly 4-and-a-half inch chunky heels. Thankfully, the actual arch of my heels weren’t steep.

I prayed and prayed that my patella wouldn’t shift back. And it didn’t! But it hurt after a few runs and on the last run, my knee gave up when I did the last move HAHA.

Fortunately, nothing too bad happened. My legs are still intact, just that it is still in pain, so I have to constantly remind myself to relax my thighs and knees.

So, that sums up last week, and I can’t wait for more adventures this week!

How was your week? I hope that you have a great one ahead too! 😀

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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