Bintan Trip

Over the weekends, I went to Bintan with two of my friends!


Arriving at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore, I found out that our booking was not processed. But thankfully, we got to buy the tickets on the spot (SGD $62 per person).

The three of us took a 1 hour and 15 minutes ferry ride to the Bintan Lagoon Terminal located at Bintan Lagoon Resorts.

All the odds seemed to go against us as when we reached, it started pouring and we were super bummed because we were looking forward to all the activities we had in store for ourselves.

Instead, we took a taxi (there are no buses/ trains) to Pujasera and ate at the local hawker centre. It was SGD $20 (calling a taxi from Bintan Lagoon Resorts is really pricey).

Apparently, we got a deal from the taxi driver. If we go to the massage centre, they will arrange for someone to drive us to our apartment for free.

Afraid that we’d be lost (which would probably have happened), we agreed on the Aromatic Oil massage which was quite costly (SGD $38).

So after our massage (not-so-good-massage) and some food (also not too good) at the hawker centre, we went on to buy some supplies like bottled water which only cost us SGD $0.50 for a 1.5 litre bottle!

The journey to our apartment at Bintan Services Apartment (or also known as Bintan Lodge) was really surprisingly short HAHA!

As it was still drizzling, we decided to get comfortable in our apartment first.

To be honest, I was expecting dirty floors and stuff as it is a 1-star apartment from the reviews. However, it was shockingly spacious and more importantly, not a cockroach in sight!

The moment you open the door, you see a round table with a glass top and four dainty wooden chairs surrounding it. On the table lies 3 bottles of distilled water.

To your left, there is a dark brown leather sofa with two more single seater couches on each side. In the middle is a low coffee table with a glass top, and against the wall is the television atop of a mahoghany wooden television console.

As you walk in, you see a kitchen with a functional fridge and kettle to your left and as you walk further, you see a toilet with a spare roll of toilet paper, again to your left.

Ahead of you would be two rooms – a room with a queen sized bed, open cabinet and a vanity, and a room with two single beds, open cabinet and a vanity as well.

The apartment had a high ceiling with white walls and marble white flooring. Ideal for instagram. However, due to the bad lighting, it wasn’t as ideal.

Fortunately, my sixth sense did not pick up any special presence there as well!

Anyway, after the skies finally cleared, we made our way down to Treasure Bay in a taxi.

Treasure Bay

With an entrance fee of SGD $10, we went for the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) activity which costs SGD $35.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, there was also a need for a deposit of SGD $5 for the rubber wristband which would act as a credit card. We had the option of using card payment or cash payment, but of course we chose cash payment since we were only there for the ATV.

However, there is a lot of activities including water sports at Treasure Bay, so you could check them out!


The trail for this activity was really super fun.

The instructor let us practice for awhile before bringing us with him on the trail, a forest trail.

It was especially nice driving with nature surrounding us. However if you are going there after a downpour, you may want to wear short and slippers instead, or something that you don’t mind getting dirty. Mainly because it will get REALLY dirty HAHA!

At first I was so conscious of all the puddles, making sure to avoid them, or putting my legs up when I had to ‘dive’ into a puddle. But at the end, splashing in them was pretty fun so I just went ahead HAHA!

The activity time states 40 minutes but I’m sure we were there for well over an hour!

Well after this, we all had to go back to wash up because we were all covered in mud HAHA.

So initially we wanted to complete more activities at Nirwana Resorts, however, their activities are only open from 09 00 to 17 00 (Bintan Time). Thus we decided to go to Kelong Seafood Restaurant and Calypso Bar at Nirwana Resorts for dinner, but unfortunately it was a little pricey for us.

In the end, after taking a whole bunch of photos, we went to Dino Bistro at Nirwana Resorts (which I didn’t take a picture of 😦 ) instead. I ate Bolognese for SGD $17.80. My friends got Fish & Chips for SGD $18.60 and Beef Fajitas for the same price!

After a night of catching up, we went back to our apartment.


Nirwana Resorts

The next morning, we quickly got ready and packed our bags to check out before heading out.

Once we got there, we rushed to do Flying Fox (SGD $14 each) and Archery (SGD $12 each). It was slightly more expensive as we were not in-house guests. We were contemplating if we should do Archery at Bintan Lagoon Resorts as we heard that it only costs SGD $5, however unfortunately, the skies were dark again, hence we went ahead and did it.

Both activities were quite fun though incomparable to our ATV experience.

We had to climb up an almost vertical ladder to the starting point which was pretty intimidating. But flying down from the tower was liberating. I caught a gorgeous view of the sea and dense forest.

For Archery, we were given 25 arrows each. Though I couldn’t find my inner Katniss Everdeen, I was quite contented with myself HAHA. Guess this further proves that I am not a Sagittarius, but rather an Ophiuchus.

Lagoi Bay

After all that fun in Nirwana Resorts, we got ourselves to Lagoi Bay.

We really wanted to go to FlyBoyz Beach Bar and the weekend bazaar, but we couldn’t find both. So we ended up eating some chinese food at Helo Helo which cost SGD $4.80 each.

The beach there is beautiful with plenty of white sand. However, it’s probably best to wear slippers there because there are little crabs when you walk further down during a low tide!

After an afternoon there, we headed back to Bintan Lagoon Resorts to get on the ferry back to Singapore.

Overall, I would say Bintan was a 3/5.

It is really pricey compared to other parts of Indonesia like Batam.

If you decide to go to Bintan one day, I would recommend staying at either Nirwana Resorts, Bintan Lagoon Resorts or even Lagoi Resorts because we wasted a lot of money on taxi fares.

There are plenty of activities at each resort, plenty of good food (with free breakfast) and also fast wifi in the lobby!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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