Week of 8th May ’17

Two Joyous Occasions in 1 day?!

I have officially graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, with a Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing) on the 9th of May 2017!

Honestly, preparing for the ceremony was nerve wrecking.

My graduation ceremony started at 09 30 hours but all graduates had to report an hour earlier before their ceremony.

So holding onto huge bags of gifts, I clambered my way to the reporting venue (which is not the actual venue).

During the briefing, all I could think about how I may trip and fall on stage. All the epic fails just popped up in my mind. But before I knew it, it was almost time for the ceremony to start.

I could not sit still in my seat at all. I was supposedly the 40th person to go on stage, but because some people were late, I moved way up in line.

Butterflies attacked my insides as I literally tried EVERYTHING to calm myself. But instead of calming down, I spoke a lot of gibberish to people sitting beside me thanks to my nerves.

Fortunately for me, when it was my turn to go up on stage, I managed to walk in a straight line without tripping over nothing HAHA.

I walked towards my Director, with the little confidence I had, and did a mini bow as I received the dark blue folder.

My entire mind was in a flurry and I almost walked away before taking a photo with the Director (oops HAHA).

Just as I walked on, I heard a group of people calling my name and when I turnt my head I saw a couple of lecturers waving their hands at me. Honestly my heart just melted when I saw how proud they were of me even though I graduated with a simple Diploma.

Apparently my parents were waving to me from above but I didn’t look HAHA. (I only knew of this after everything)

Once the ceremony ended, my mission to take pictures and give out gifts began.

Unfortunately, my best friends had to wait almost 2 hours for me to finish running around like a mad dog. I was definitely being unintentionally rude more than once as I literally unknowingly cut in conversations just to congratulate or take a photo with my friends.

My graduation day ended with a BIG BANG as we held a celebration for one of my best friends!

It was coincidentally his birthday, thus we all went out of school for some western food nearby (at Bukit Timah).

It was literally the best day ever for me.

I felt super loved and blessed by many people in my life 😀 . Though we may no longer be in touch in the future, I am glad that you guys have been part of my life at some point! ❤

Mother’s Day!

So for Singaporeans, Mother’s Day falls on the 2nd Sunday in the month of May.

I don’t really want to share photos and stuff on the net, but we had a humble celebration with 2 other families 🙂

It was like a potluck party whereby each of our families cooked/ bought some food to the party 😀

I hope that all of you had great fun this week and let me know how it went! ❤

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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