# 35

; unlucky?

Today, as I was leaving the mall, I saw a plastic bag on the floor. And a few feet further down was a clothing item.

At first I thought that an aunty who just walked ahead had dropped it. I was contemplating on whether I should shout out or pick the item up and pass it to her.

As I walked closer, I realised that the piece of clothing was actually lingerie from Young Hearts.

I was at a lost of what to do, and with each and every passing moment, the aunty was getting out of my sight.

In the end I just picked it up, shoved it into the bag, and quickly went up to the aunty and asked if it was hers.

Unfortunately it wasn’t.

So I made my way back in, not knowing where I should place it. Next to the wall? On the hose reel thingy? Then, lightbulb moment, I searched the directory for the concierge.

On my way there, I got many weird looks from passersby, but I’m already kind of used to it anyway..

What warmed my heart was how professional the man at the concierge was. He looked into the bag and I didn’t see any negative expressions.

Later in the evening, I boarded the train and I was standing infront of this white-collared worker.

I noticed that his shoelace was untied and yet I was hesitant to gesture to him.

After imagining him fall as soon as he got up about a hundred times, I decided to wave to him and point at his shoelace. However he did not get the message until I verbally pointed it out HAHA (which was really embarrassing because everyone turnt to look).

Thank goodness, he was a nice person!

Happening at the same time, there was a lady behind me who slung her yoga mat over her shoulder (horizontally) and kept swinging from side to side.

I felt quite horrible for thinking this way but had she not have any common sense?

She was literally taking up the space of 3 people…

At the end of today, I don’t know if I’m unlucky or not, but I’m still glad because I was inspired to write this post HAHA 😀

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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