One of my best friends and I decided to go to Singapore Arts Museum together. I am Singaporean and I’ve lived here for almost 20 years now. But I’m pretty sure I haven’t been to Singapore Arts Museum HAHA (yes, I do need to get out more).

Sadly, it was under renovation. Yet luckily, the security guard told us that there was an event called ‘Imaginarium’ being held just around the corner.

The exhibition takes up a total of four levels of a little building. And good news, admission is free!

First Level

“Lizard’s Tail” by Hiromi Tango

The moment you enter the building, you’ll be welcomed by multiple ‘tails’ draped across the walls. There is an entire room dedicated to this piece by Hiromi Tango. The best part? You can actually shake (gently) every hanging tail. The bells tied to each tail rings a different, beautiful sound!

You can take a seat in the centre and get someone to take a photo of you! (I didn’t because I was scared that it would break HAHA.) If you decide to go alone, do not worry because I’m sure that the friendly staff would be more than willing to help you snap a picture or two.

The Original Selfie Machine

Right next to the entrance is a photobooth! All you need is $2 (either a $2 bill or 2 dollar coins)!

Due to space constraint in the booth, I think you could fit 2 people at most. If you’re going with a large group of people, either take turns or take individually and cut them out for your friends HAHA. I think you could actually make a really nice collage with all the photos. 😉

Second Level

Moving Image Gallery

They have a little cinema that plays 6 short films for 44 minutes on loop. Sadly we were short of time, so we left after watching an animated short film titled “Way of Giants” by Alois Di Leo which was really cool!


I did not participate in any, but if you have the time, and the creative genius in you doesn’t mind making an appearance, please do go for it!

Just a heads up, it would be best to check out the dates and prices before going. I will provide a link at the end of this post!

Third Level


If I had to pick my favourite level out of all 4 levels, this level is definitely in the lead.

“The Origin: The Tree and Me & The Unborn” by Nandita Mukand

This is a really bad picture, and it doesn’t do it justice at all 😦 .

Have you ever looked at a tree and go, “Omg this looks like ___!” ? Hopefully I’m not the only one because I see the size profile of a human.

This piece was made from pine cones, newspaper, vegetables, grass, henna, coffee, cypress seeds, tumeric and so on so forth, so it really piqued my interest.

It really proves just how much effort an artist is willing to put into his/ her work.

Other than the materials used, the meaning behind this art piece also gained my interest.

The artist, Nandita Mukand, was inspired by her ‘long walks admist nature’. And the reason she used all those materials is probably because they originated from plants.

The little excerpt that was on the wall wrote, “Some of the greatest trees sprout from the tiniest seeds, and each little seed conceals wondrous potential for growth and development. Trees live extraordinarily long lives, can you imagine the number of stories they would have overheard from people walking beneath them over the years? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could hear the stories they had to share?”

Don’t you just agree?

“My Wonderful Dream” by Eko Nugroho

It was like being transported into another world. The unique sculptures, along with the quirky paintings on the walls, really stops you in your tracks.

I think the blue walls made me feel really calm despite all the drawings and out-of-the-world sculptures.

It truly felt like I was in a trance.

“Wanderland” by Mary Bernadette Lee

It is probably my most favourite space to be in in the entire building because the atmosphere is just really quirky and fun! Possibly because the exhibition is created based on the artist’s childhood memories (that’s what one of the staff said).

All the textures, the colours and the shapes, all seem so nostalgic. I was a child running wild in there HAHA.

But of course, not everyone’s interpretation is the same and I think that’s what makes art even more inspiring to me.

Also I’m really sorry for being a horrible model HAHA. I’m definitely the most unphotogenic person I know.

Fourth Level

“LICENSE2DRAW” by Uudam Tran Nguyen

This is the most interactive exhibition whereby you can use the available devices to draw in real time! Well my friend and I didn’t draw or anything but it looked really cool HAHA. Unfortunately home girl was more interested in the rainbow on the wall which is not part of the exhibition!

Something I found out is that you can also download the “License2Draw” application on your mobile phones to join in the fun?!

I’m not sure if it works, but if you gave it a try, do let me know in the comments!

“Floating Mountain” by Unchalee Anantawat

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of the movie, Avatar?

Just saying beforehand, this is a no-touch zone. I didn’t get the memo and touched one of the ‘clouds’ 😦

All the sculptures look like it came right out of a storybook don’t you think?

To be really honest, I was pleasantly surprised by Imaginarium.

Frankly speaking though I am a sucker for any type of performing arts, however, when it comes to visual arts, I’m not as hyped up. So I went there thinking that I’d just be looking at a couple of sculptures or framed pictures but I went home with an even greater respect for visual art and the artists around the world as well.

If you have an hour or two, I think that it’d be great if you could go down and have a look! Perhaps it may inspire you in ways you couldn’t imagine?

Before I end today’s post, I want to thank my best friend for the amazing pictures she took of me hehe ❤

And as promised, this is the link for you to check it out! 😀

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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