FeMale | Part Three

“Saved… You..?” Cassie was baffled.

“Yeah, I was getting tired of him anyway, you should have him instead… You guys look cute together,” Juliet appeared expressionless but managed a weak smile and finished her sentence, “Help me tell him that I wish the best for the both of you.”

“You do?” Appalled, Cassie’s mouth was agape. She expected Juliet to lash out at her, or at least an expression of disdain or disgust. Now that Juliet was unexpectedly cool about the entire thing, she was even more upset because she could not even hate her.

“Yeah,” Juliet waved her hand dismissively as she walked calmly out of the bathroom.

Cassie’s friends quickly turned away, careful to not make eye contact, as Juliet sauntered pass them, their jaws almost touching their chest.

Once Cassie’s friends ran back into the toilet, a tear escaped Juliet’s eye unintentionally. Her eyes felt like they were on fire because she had been fighting back her tears the entire time.

“I should’ve known… That I would never find someone who loves me for me,” Juliet thought to herself as she silently sobbed, leaning against the wall.

Cassie and her friends looked at one another, their faces brightening up.

“Does this mean you and Josh are going to live happily ever after?” A girl with a squeaky voice excitedly asks Cassie as she claps her hands together and her mind drifts off into a dreamy state.

“Oh please, of course they are!” Another squealed, and everyone followed suit.

Hearing their cheery voices, Juliet’s head hung low as she dragged her feet back to her dormitory.

“Hey Chad, isn’t that Juliet?” Aaron nudged Chad with his elbow as he hugged one of the mixers tightly.

His sea green eyes fixed their gaze upon the luscious auburn locks of Juliet. He saw the diminished glow from her eyes. He saw that her footsteps that were once as light as a feather, became heavy, as if she were carrying a truckload of books. He saw that her shoulders slumped forward as she hugged her waist.

“Wait for me here…” Chad said under his breath as he jogged over to Juliet’s side, leaving the trolley full of equipment with Aaron.

“Juliet,” he hesitated but asked, “Are you okay?”

Juliet raised her head, revealing her pink, freckled nose and cheeks. She quickly wiped her tear-streaked face, showing a little smile.

“I’m fine,” she replied softly then questioned, “What are you doing here, Chad?” She tried to sound as happy as possible.

“I was just about to return the equipment with Aaron…” A look of concern struck his face as he saw Juliet’s smile disappear.

“You saw..?” Her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment and she quickly covered her face that currently felt incredibly warm.

To her query, Chad nodded his head silently. He bit his lip as he thought of things to say or something he could do to cheer her up.

Both of them stood in awkward silence for what seemed like a long time. Chad ruffled his head for a bit and got an idea.

“Oh yeah, my dad is cooking some pasta tonight, do you want to come by?” Chad suggested.

“Um, yeah, sure. 7 o’clock right?” She appeared more calm now.

Chad gave her a nod and waved good bye as he returned to Aaron’s side.

“So… What did you guys talk about?” Aaron smirked and raised his right brow.

“Nothing much, come on let’s go we’re going to be late,” Chad attempted to hide his delight.



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