FeMale | Part Four

Yo, someone’s at the door now. Yo, someone’s at the door now.

“Coming!” Chad rushed to the door like a bolt of lightning and swung the door open.

Seeing Juliet, Chad could not help but grin from ear to ear, displaying his set of perfect teeth. “Welcome!” He said with his child-like grin.

“Thanks for inviting me over,” Juliet got past Chad and walked into the house in an attempt to avoid eye contact without making things awkward.

“Is that Juliet?” A deep, husky voice asked.

A bearded man’s head popped out from behind the open fridge door. Like Chad, he had the same captivating sea green eyes. But unlike him, his dishevelled hair was a dark brown, and he had a scruffy beard to go with his ‘hot mess’ concept.

“Hey Uncle Carson!” Juliet ran over and pulled him into a warm and long embrace.

“Seriously, how long has it been? You were a little kiddo the last time I saw you!” Uncle Carson laughed hysterically.

“It’s been awhile…” Juliet glimmering eyes darkened as she trailed off.

“Dad, when is dinner going to be ready?” Chad popped up at the polished, white marble kitchen island.

“Give me another 15 minutes! It’s gotta be perfect since Juliet is here for the first time in 3 years!” Uncle Carson turnt around to check on the roast chicken pizza in the oven, and continued, “Why don’t the two of you head upstairs to catch up or something? I’ll call you down for dinner when it’s ready.”

Chad acknowledged with a nod and led Juliet upstairs, to where his bedroom was. To Juliet’s surprise, his room was a lot neater than she had expected. The pale grey walls and off-white carpeted flooring gave a cool vibe that she liked. A neon sign hung above his dark electric blue beanbag that read “keep it real”.

Compared to the pink and purple room filled with fluff and flowers, she preferred Chad’s room way more.

Unnoticingly, she had already made herself comfortable on his bed whilst looking around.

“Wow, your room is really cool,” she was entranced by the geometric light that hung from the ceiling.

Chad chuckled and pulled his desk chair to where Juliet was. “Just like you were… I’ve been wanting to ask you, what exactly happened 3 years ago. Why did you suddenly vanish?” Chad hesitated but asked anyway.

She cleared her throat before answering him, “My dad suddenly deteriorated and passed away… And I was forced to live with my mother in Oryan. She forced me to quit baseball and brought me to etiquette classes and do all the girly stuff. We moved back here only because my mother’s boss assigned her to this branch with a promotion in mind.”

Somehow, Juliet thought that he would have asked this question when they first met again a month ago. But when they met again, it seemed like Chad did not even recognise her.

“My turn to ask, why did you ignore me for this past month?” she probed.

Chad replied her in a calm manner, “I thought that you hated me. When I confessed to you 3 years ago, you ran away. The day after I confessed to you, you left me a note saying to forget you and you disappeared. And then, when you entered the school, that jock asked you out and you agreed, so…”

“I agreed because of you… I wanted to gain your attention!” Tears started welling up in her eyes as she looked straight into Chad’s bewildered eyes and said so softly, it was almost a whisper, “I’ve liked you all this time…”


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