# 39

; talking things out

The thing is, I’ve always been afraid of confronting or fighting with people. But recently, I ‘fought’ with my best friend of 8 years.

I got pretty pissed, she found out and she confronted me about it, and we talked things out.

And when we were talking things out, I realised how happy I actually was whilst we were fighting, because we only ‘fight’ when we really care about someone.

I also figured how important it is to not bottle up your emotions all the time and just convey your feelings in a calm manner.

I saw this video of a married couple and I immediately melted!

The grandfather said that they never go to bed while they are mad at each other. If there really was a ‘focal point’, they would ‘sit alongside each other’ and talk it out and then ‘it’s kiss goodnight, always’.

I think that it is so important to never allow the other party to go to sleep while he or she is upset or angry.

The grandmother also said that it’s important to be nice to one another and to remember that you and your partner best friends, always.

In a relationship (be it with your family, your partner or your friend), I think that it is so important to be nice to them, and to let them know your intentions or your feelings. And if there comes a day where you both have a disagreement, it’s time to sit down and verbalise your thoughts without raised voices.

If the other party ever raise their voices, just calmly tell them that you don’t mean to fight with them and that you just want to resolve the issue. If needed, step away from the situation and let them know that you’ll give them space to calm down until they are ready before raising the issue again.

I got this advice from this video 🙂

Continue spreading love ❤

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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