Week of 29th May ’17

℘ Life Update Time ℘

This week was an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Time Off The Internet

Very few people know that I’ve been overseas from the 28th of May to the 1st of June, but that’s how I wanted it to be.

I wanted to get off the internet, and spend time observing the world again.

So I did a lot of eating and walking around and shopping while I was away :’) I spent about 2 hours on the internet while I was resting at Starbucks. But most of the time I was either blogging or reading my manga 🙂 I did get the peace that I needed to think and process about some stuff that happened recently, but I guess more time is needed.

But I will continue blogging as usual 😀

Feeling Uneasy

To be honest, I have been feeling really uneasy for quite some time, but I tried my best to hide it all this time.

There was a sudden increase in the frequency of my lucid dreams and they are mostly frightening as well.

Perhaps I’m afraid to lose someone, as I do in some of my dreams.

Concert – Kaleidoscope

On the 3rd of June, I performed for my secondary school’s performing arts concert as an alumni.

I danced with 17 other alumni members in a sexy jazz number 😉 Honestly, at first I was really afraid that I wouldn’t be able to perform the role very well, but I guess my inner slutty self decided to see the world HAHA. I needed a lot of pep talks from myself and constant encouragement that I was sexy enough and that I was good enough. It may very well be the last time I get to perform with them, so I really wanted to do well.

When the concert was over, I was filled with mixed emotions as always. The adrenaline rush you get on stage is just so addictive. Knowing that the time on stage is over, the anticipation and excitement turnt into longing – longing for the time to rewind.

Looking at all the photos and videos makes the surreal moments a reality.

I am glad that I left the stage without regrets. Without any ‘I could have done this better’ kind of thoughts.

Also, it was amazing seeing 7 batches of captains (including me, the 1st batch) even though it makes me feel old HAHA. You just feel like a proud mother looking at her kids grow up to become decent people you know?

How was your week?

Song obsessions ❤ for this week include:

  • Higher by Maximillian.
  • Fall For You by Christian French & Triegy.
  • Hit Me Baby One More Time by J2 & Blu Holliday.

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ♥


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