Day One


Usually my family and I would book tickets for the bus to Genting, but with newly established routes that are somewhat bothersome (taking cable car for RM50 per person and pulling your luggage all the way to the hotel) for the elders in the family, we decided to hire a driver instead.

So we hired a driver for RM2,400 and we got there in about 5 hours. I personally prefer hiring a driver instead because it is much more convenient (eat and go to the toilet at your own time)!

We started our journey there at approximately 14 00 hours and we got there at 18 41 hours.

After checking in to our hotel, the first thing we wanted was food because we only stopped for toilet breaks.

Bubbles & Bites

Thus we decided to make our way to Bubbles & Bites which is at the Resort World area. It is a little far from the First World Hotel, and it is a little on the pricey side, but I think the pizza here is really good. Though I have to agree that it has deproved from their past (not as good and the menu options decreased as well).

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Day Two


So while I was away, I was shopping and walking around mostly on my own because the adults were often in the casino.

Unfortunately, many shops have not opened yet. Thus for three days, I literally walked in and out of the same shops daily HAHA.

Madame Waffle

In the afternoon, I bought a Sea Salt Dark Chocolate waffle with Honey Lemon Tea for RM26.90 from Madame Waffle. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it. The honey lemon tea took quite a while to brew and you could barely taste any honey in it. The waffle was not that great either. I didn’t really like the sauce. I would say that it wasn’t worth the price.

Imperial Rama

In the evening, I ate with the adults, thus we went to a fancy restaurant, Imperial Rama, that serves thai food and chinese food. Though pricey, the food here is really good. If you plan to get dessert, I highly recommend the almond one!

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Day Three


Burger & Lobster

I have to highly recommend Burger & Lobster to you because it is really good! I got the original grilled lobster. The lemon butter sauce is so delicious you could drizzle it on everything on your plate. The cocktails here are also really strong HAHA.

They provide you with plastic gloves so that you don’t have to dirty your hands while having the time of your life. And if you happen to find that the gloves are not helping you, do not fret because there are multiple sinks for you to wash your hands squeaky clean after 🙂

But wait, this is not all that’s good about Burger & Lobster. The music also gets your body grooving. They do not play generic pop or dancehall kind of music, but it is a slightly more retro reggae vibe I guess?


I didn’t eat at Tampopo Ramen but I tried the Scoop cake and the Milk pudding and it was really good! The sponge in the Scoop cake is so soft and light and the cream is really fresh! The milk pudding comes with honey, and it tastes absolutely unique. It is the ultimate dessert I found in Genting Sky Avenue.

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Day Four


KyoChon 1991

If you love korean chicken wings, this is definitely the place to go.

Like Burger & Lobster, they do provide gloves, but they only provide one.

The spicy wings there are actually really really spicy, and the soy garlic ones will definitely not disappoint you either. I would also suggest getting the honey wings!

I think my favourite part about this place is that you get to mix and match. So you can get 4 pieces of soy garlic and 4 pieces of salsa wings (because 8 pieces is the least). Please do give this place a visit!


Do not let the price of each plate fool you. Their servings are actually huge. Unless you have a blackhole for a stomach, it is best for you to share your food because I almost wanted to puke after finishing my meal HAHAHA.

I think the most unique thing here is their onion rings. They are sweet and fresh unlike all the onion rings I’ve had in the past.

Do try the Hoegaarden beer here. It is the most fragant beer I’ve ever tasted, with zero bitterness! It was just amazing.

Tokyo Secret

If you do have a separate stomach for desserts, Tokyo Secret make really good tarts!

The original tart is definitely the best, but you can also give the Matcha (there are azuki beans lining the bottom) and Hazelnut (there’s glitter 🙂 ) ones a try! There is also a sweet potato version if you ever feel adventurous!

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And with that, my food adventures came to an end.

If you are planning to go to Genting, I would recommend to postpone your plans until the theme park opens, or until most of the retail stores have opened, unless you’re a foodie or a gambler HAHA.

For shoppers, there really isn’t much to see 😦

But nevertheless, it was great being able to just relax my mind during my time there 🙂

Warmest hugs,



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