Week of 5th June ’17

℘ Life Update Time ℘

This week was exciting, tiring and fulfilling 😀


(Tuesday, 6th June ’17)

I watched Baywatch on the big screen with one of my baes whom I haven’t seen in awhile and it was flippin’ bay-tastic!

A friend told me that the movie didn’t score too well with the critics but I laughed almost throughout the entire movie. Well I laugh easily, but my girl friend was also laughing along with me so I’m pretty sure it was quite funny.

Though it is not one of those movies where it’s hard to distinguish the bad guys from the good guys, it was still awesome to see Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron kicking ass. I mean come on, it’s The Rock and Zac Efron?!

But above all the cool action and explicit jokes, I like how Zac Efron’s character developed. I guess I’m a sucker for a touching story HAHA.

Joining a competition

Initially I didn’t want to join in case I was going for surgery. But now that I didn’t, I was quite happy that I was able to join the team in the end.

As I am leaving my home country next year, I really want to help out to the best of my ability and accomplish things I have always wanted to accomplish before I leave.

This happened on the 1st of June but I only begun training with them on the 6th of June. It was a sudden decision, and as of now, I still cannot believe that I got the honour of representing the club along with 23 others.

I have about 3 more weeks to get in shape so I’m really nervous that I’d pull the team down. But the team has put in so much effort to help me 🙂

Hopefully everything will go well 😀


I was introduced to this site by Michelle Phan.

She posted this video about why she left the internet world, and I found out about her webtoon – Helios: Femina (yes I am always fairly late to parties) 🙂

I have to say that I was incredibly absorbed in reading it that I finished the series in a day.

But now, I’m reading Noblesse by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu. If you find the title familiar, it could be because you’ve watched an animation based on the first few episodes of the webtoon.

I get really excited just from reading the series (I’m currently on episode 340 😀 ) so if you have insomnia like me, I wouldn’t recommend you reading it at night because it just aggravates it HAHAHA.

This is not a sponsored post by the way, I just really want to share my love for webtoon HAHAHA.

Song obsessions ❤ for this week includes:

  • Escalate by Tsar B.
  • Bon Appétit by Katy Perry & Migos.
  • Follow The Leader by Wisin Y Yandel & Jennifer Lopez.

Let me know how your week went in the comments!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ❤


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