Week of 12th June ’17

℘ Life Update Time ℘

This week had a hidden surprise in store for me!

First-time in a D3 Camp

(14th June, Wednesday)

You must be wondering what is D3?

Well, it is a contemporary dance club in my polytechnic.

While I was still a student in the polytechnic, I always couldn’t make it for camp because I had to go to the hospital for my clinical attachment. Hence when I went this time, I was extremely elated.

I didn’t really do much, I just hung around with the crew and helped a little at one of the station games. At the end of the day, I watched the camp finale as well.

But honestly, it was so much fun. Just watching the younger ones makes me feel happy.

Also, I learnt a new game from them!

You have to sing a song with a particular word that the players choose.

For example, if the players choose ‘berry’, you have to sing ‘berry berry berry…’ in the melody of the song.

It was so amusing I tried playing it with the other alumni members as we were heading to Tea Party for supper.

You should try it too!! 😀


(14th June, Wednesday)

Previously, I’ve written on my blog that I applied for a University overseas. And I also promised to let you guys know if I get accepted.

On this day, I received the letter of acceptance online! 🙂

I was on the bus late at night, heading home, and all of a sudden I decided to check my mail. When I saw it, believe me, I almost screamed my heart out. Actually I think I did squeal HAHAHA.

Anyway, I will be heading to Perth in February ’18!

I applied to Edith Cowan University for a major in Writing and a minor in Fashion. Yes it has nothing to do with Nursing, but I am glad that I chose this for myself.

I literally look like a kid who just saw the ice cream van as I’m writing this. (Obviously I haven’t gotten over this HAHA)

Well the reason for choosing Writing is because I realised how much I love it after I began blogging. Since I was young, I was never a good talker. I also preferred to write letters because I could express myself more accurately that way. But I never imagined that I would enjoy writing this much until this year.

And the reason for choosing Fashion is because I love it. When I was young, I would draw out some designs for fun, and once I knew how to sew, I tried my hand on a few of my clothing for fun HAHA. Even until now, I still wish to create pieces for many many people.

Right now, I’m super excited to start learning more than ever.

微微一笑很倾城 | A Smile Is Beautiful/ Love O2O

This is a chinese television series, starring 杨洋 and 郑爽, that I’ve re-watched this week on YouTube.

It was based off the novel written by 顾漫 (Gu Man) and it’s really one of my favourites. It is just really sweet. Although it is all too good to be true, I believe that it’s good to dream once in a while 😉

There is also the movie version, starring 井柏然 and Angelababy, which is also really good 🙂 Though I’m not sure if you can still find it on YouTube.

Well, if you give it a shot, let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it!

Song obsessions ❤ of this week include:

  • Heaven’s Gate by Haven.
  • 有可能的夜晚 by 曾轶可

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ❤


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