# 44

; defaming people on the internet

Recently there has been an incident of a lady defaming a man on the internet.

Long story short, she described the incident untruthfully and many people on the net started bashing the guy. Little did they know, that that wasn’t the whole truth.

A few hours the story got out, a few people said that they were at the scene and things didn’t go the way the lady said.

But honestly speaking, rather than being angry at the lady for ‘lying’, I was sad that the people just started bashing the guy without knowing the actual situation?

I really sympathised with the man, probably because I was once a victim of cyber bullying as well.

Nowadays, people don’t really take responsibility of what they post on the internet. Some say hurtful things without sparing a thought of what they would feel.

Even if they really were in the wrong, who are we to judge?

It is difficult, for sure. But I feel like the internet should be a platform to spread even more kindness. Simply because it could reach the entire world.

What do you guys think?

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ❤


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