Week of 26th June ’17

℘ Life Update Time ℘

This week was full of laughter, and full of tears.

Hari Raya Celebration

(26th June, Monday)

As a kid I never celebrated Hari Raya. Until last year, when I was invited by a close friend of mine to celebrate with her at her place.

So this year, she invited me over once more!

As a person, I would say that I usually dislike parties because there’s always so many people and it gets really squeezy and stuffy. But this was the comfortable-hang-out-at-a-friend’s-place kind of party. Well there’s only 3 girls so of course it would be a cozy day HAHA.

All we really did was just eat and talk about our lives and do some ridiculously funny quizzes on Buzzfeed, but it was a splendid day.

It is one of those days whereby you think at the back of your head that ‘family comes first afterall’. I mean they aren’t my family, but they are really close to me, so I guess that kind of counts? 🙂

Last week of competition rehearsals

This week of rehearsals was especially crazy.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the tension between us grew a lot. It could have been due to the increasing amount of stress or it could have just been accumulated, but it was just really bad.

On Thursday, our dance instructor probably decided that this could not go on anymore and made us sit down in a circle to voice out our inner thoughts.

And I was personally really grateful for that. Actually I’m pretty sure everyone was.

It really made us see everything a little clearer. It made us understand so much more about one another. It made us understand how much everybody else wanted to compete.

And it really proved the point that communication really is the key in all relationships.

Without good communication, people are bound to misunderstand and say or do things that they may regret in the future.

I guess it really further encouraged me to initiate conversations with others, and just speak my mind (though I’m pretty much an open book).

Super 24 Prelims

(1 July, Saturday)

Finally d-day arrived.

I was surviving on 2 hours of sleep because I was writing 24 letters from the night before all the way till 06 45 in the morning. (Yes I really shouldn’t have procrastinated HAHA)

However, though my body was really tired, like my eyes felt like shutting, my body felt really relaxed etc., my mind was super awake.

I didn’t really feel nervous at all until it was nearing our turn to go up on that stage.

In competitions, the most challenging thing to do is probably keeping calm and maintaining your focus.

I think the entire team, including myself, had trouble with that as the atmosphere was really hyped and crazy.

But I do think that we did our best as well 🙂 For some of them (or most of them), it is their first competition. Being in an environment like this for the first time can be really stressful indeed, but they managed to calm themselves down (not totally, but better than anticipated).

And here’s the most important part.


Even till now I’m still really happy. And I can’t wait to compete again in the finals with the team 🙂

I am sure that we will become better and stronger.

Song obsessions ❤ of the week:

  • All I Think About Is You by Ansel Elgort.
  • 2U by David Guetta and Justin Bieber (Garabatto Remix)
  • Remember I Told You by Nick Jonas, Anne-Marie and Mike Posner.

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ❤


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