# 45

; labels on clothes got to go

On 30th June, I was walking around H&M while waiting for someone.

And I came across a really nice white mesh-baseball kind of shirt. But I was taken aback by what was written on the shirt – ‘Superior’. I look at the black version of it and it said ‘Pretty’.

I continue scanning through and saw another white top that said ‘babes only’ in a holographic print.

By this point, I was already rolling my eyes HAHA. So I went to look in another part of the shop.

Everything was good while I was in the basics section, until I saw a grey shirt that said ‘Feminist’. And then another couple of shirts that said ‘Superior’ in different designs.

And that really got me thinking.

Why do we need all these labels on our clothes? I’m not sure about the rest but I would personally feel ashamed wearing clothes like that.

It is so arrogant and inconsiderate.

People may say, “It’s just a shirt, get over it.” But I beg to differ.

I strongly believe that what you choose to wear, shows your personality. And thus I am especially careful with my choices when I’m buying new clothes.

What do you think?

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ❤


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