Week of 10th July ’17

℘ Life Update Time ℘

This week was stressful.

Retail Therapy

(10th July, Monday)

For those who don’t know me, I am a really stingy person.

I rarely spend money on clothes or other stuff if I don’t see a need to. Some people see this as a positive thing, but some see it as a negative thing (they think that I’m not taking care of myself enough).

One of those people who think that it is slightly negative would be my mother.

My mom is a very generous woman. And I am grateful for her generosity. But the more generous she is, the more I don’t wish to spend her money. I don’t know if it makes complete sense but that’s just how I feel.

I feel bad for spending the family’s money.

But I guess it was the perfect opportunity for me to go on a shopping trip with her because of all the accumulated stress in the past few weeks.

I wouldn’t say that the retail therapy magically cured me of the stress, or made my problems go away, but it did lift my spirits up momentarily.


This week was especially stressful.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s accumulated or because of all the new terrible things that are happening.

But because of all the terrible things, I feel like I’ve been rambling on and on every day of the week (even till now to be honest).

And I feel so bad towards all my friends who have to constantly encourage me.

At this point in my life, I feel like I should probably quit choreographing for this year’s recital.

I didn’t want to bring trouble to the people I love. But it seems like I was doing the exact opposite.

Though all that has happened was not 100% my fault, I feel like it is because they are my dancers. I feel like I could write an entire story for this HAHA. Perhaps I will write a ‘thoughts’ post on this.


Anyway, enough of all that negativity.

Remember me going on and on about Webtoon?

I went on to read other webtoons by other authors and it made my week a hundred times more interesting HAHA.

I cannot stand sitting still without doing anything. So I’m always either texting, or on YouTube or playing some games on my phone. But I was entirely hooked on the few webtoons that I sped through HAHA.

I read the following:

  • Noblesse: Rai’s Adventure (Completed)
  • Siren’s Lament
  • Winter Moon
  • My Dear Cold-Blooded King
  • unTouchable (Completed)

I kind of regret reading them so fast because now I have to wait for the next episode 😦

But yes, I do highly recommend getting the Webtoon app (it’s free!!). There are webtoons of almost every genre.

Song obsessions ❤ of the week include:

  • Praying by Kesha.
  • New Rules by Dua Lipa.
  • Twenty-three by IU.

How was your week? Hope that you’ll have a great one ahead!

Warmest hugs,

e.clair ❤


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