# 67

; “are we too busy to have fun?”

Almost 2 weeks ago, I came across this video posted on Facebook.

Someone built a huge ball pit in the middle of the street just to get one simple question answered. “Are we too busy to have fun?”

Living in a fast-paced society like Singapore, 24 hours in a day never seems enough for anyone. A work-life balance is almost an impossible feat for most. And “just make time” seems like the worst advice you could give.

Over the years, most people put work as their first priority as their desire to climb society’s ladder become stronger and stronger. And the things that should matter the most, are of secondary importance.

There are some people who are lucky enough to own a job that they love and have fun doing. But most are perhaps not as lucky.

I’ve always believed that no matter how boring a job is, you can always make it fun for yourself. But of course, over time, people may lose that drive to make things fun for themselves.

Take my mother for example. When she was younger, she would create all different kinds of delicacies to earn money. But now, 30 years later, she is no longer as motivated. And that’s just part and parcel of life.

But I believe that the reason she was able to constantly motivate herself to do something that she doesn’t fully enjoy doing, is not only thanks to her outstanding willpower but also because she takes breaks as and when she needs to.

We should love ourselves more.

We need to remember the fragility of life, the importance of our loved ones and that our job should never come first.

What do you think? Are you too busy to have fun?

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤


# 66

; Sarco the ‘suicide machine’

I think it was last week when I read an interesting article about this new suicide machine named ‘Sarco’.

It was invented by an Australian scientist and euthanasia advocate, Dr Philip Nitschke, also known as Dr Death, and developed by a company named Exit International.

Apparently, it is 3D-printed and can be assembled anywhere. The pod can also be removed from the machine and become a coffin. It releases liquid nitrogen to decrease oxygen levels rapidly, causing death in a few minutes. However, the person who seeks death has to pass an online questionnaire to receive a 4-digit code before he is able to access the machine pod.

To be honest, when I read the article, I didn’t know whether I should be afraid or glad for the people.

The fact that there is an entrance test to complete before being able to have access to the capsule makes me feel a little tad better. But it is highly accessible to anyone who has a 3D-printer, which is scary.

The world is advancing way too fast.

New technology surfaces every few months. And there is more in the making that us civilians have no idea about.

I have no idea whether to support this project or not, but I am hoping that anyone who wishes to give up on life, can reconsider again.

I once watched a drama where a man was ‘persuaded’ to not suicide by rewriting his will over and over again. Ever since then, I believe that when I person remembers the people or things that matter most to them, they will remember the good in the world.

I had suicidal thoughts very often in the past. Right now, they come and visit me every now and then.

When that happens, I try to think of the people that matter most, and the things I wish to do, or the places I wish to explore. And when I successfully focus on the good, the thoughts slowly dissipate.

I hope this can help anyone who is going through the same thing!

If you have any ideas or tips, do share in the comments ❤

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤


# 65

; bystander effect

A couple of days ago, I watched this video on YouTube titled, “The Bystander Effect | The Science of Empathy”.

The experimenters conducted the experiment to find out if there was such a thing as the bystander effect.

The experimenter says, “According to Psychology, the answer to that question may depend less on who you are as a person and more on how many people are with you at the time.” He explains that people are less likely to help someone in need when they are in a large group.

So this is how the experiment goes.

Firstly, they invited a random person to join a group of 9 people (who were acting to be unhelpful). And they timed how long the random person would take to help the person build a tent. Then they did it in a group of 5 and finally, just one random person alone.

And guess what the results were.

The person who was in a group of 10 was very hesitant to help. But the people who were alone immediately came to the rescue.

And that is the bystander effect.

When we are in a large group of people we tend to think that someone else will help. But really, like what Emma Watson once said, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

This is actually very relatable to our daily life. I first thought of how people do not give up their seats for the elderly sometimes. It is really sad, to be honest.

Even for myself, there are times when I do not help in a situation immediately because I feel like someone else would take up the responsibility instead.

Let’s be more ready to help others in need. 🙂 ❤

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤

# 64

; sign language

About two weeks ago, I watched a video clip on Facebook from “Switched At Birth”.

The video clip depicted a scene in the hospital whereby a deaf person didn’t understand what was going on around her. Her friend then came to visit her and interpreted for her and the doctor so that she understood. Her friend was really upset that the patient didn’t know what was going on at all.

I get where both sides are coming from because I’m from the healthcare sector after all.

I mean, I really think that people should learn sign language. Not just people from the healthcare sector.

But at the same time, I understand how hard it is to be a nurse, let alone learn sign language at the same time. They may go bonkers HAHA.

Nevertheless, sign language is becoming increasingly important these days and furthermore, the learning materials are easily accessible online.

Perhaps, something could be done for this. A new job? Or a course?

Well, hopefully, more and more people will be interested in learning sign language.

It is actually really fun!! (You can communicate with your friends in a really noisy setting when you are far away from them and you want them to help you buy food HAHAHAHA.)

Highly encourage everyone to learn simple sign language 🙂

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤


# 63

; a quote

Life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It’s about being real, being humble, being loving and being kind.

I googled “word porn” to look for some cool words some time ago. And I was pleasantly surprised by this quote. Even though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, it really spoke to me. And I think that it is a quote worth sharing.

I know people who are so bent on being popular, that they lose themselves in order to become this ‘perfect’ person. I know people who have their noses high up in the air just because they (or their parents) are rich. I know people who think that getting good grades is everything and they ignore anyone who is not as ‘intelligent’.

But of course, I do know people who are so down to earth, people who are humble yet totally awesome in their own ways, and people who spread so much love in their own community that it inspires me to do the same.

Some of you may be nodding as a few faces come to mind.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that wanting to be rich, popular, highly educated or perfect is wrong. But it shouldn’t be a priority.

The desire to be rich, popular, highly educated or perfect is like wanting to get another black top even though you have 20 black tops already. It is a want, not a need. Well, one may argue that it’s different from the other 20 black tops, but still, it is not a necessity HAHA.

I for one, am definitely not perfect, but that’s okay, because no one is, and no one will ever be perfect.

My wish for everyone is to understand how important it is to firstly, be yourself and secondly, spread love and positivity. Especially now, when the world is on the brink of war once again.

I mean… If we can love different living species, I’m sure we can do the same for humans. We don’t discriminate dogs of different fur colour, so sure we can love humans of different races, religion, skin tone etc., right?

Let’s do this together!

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤



# 62

; we are privileged

Some time ago, I heard someone say, “Yeah they should build shelter all the way.” And that pretty much inspired this random thought of mine.

We are so privileged. Yet people don’t see that nowadays, it’s such a shame.

People think that they are entitled to everything. Shelter, food, work, people being nice to them etc., you get idea.

When in actual fact, we are not the ones who are doing the real hard labour. We are the ones who enter the building only when it’s fully constructed or refurbished.

We are not the ones making the pavement under the scorching sun at noon. We are sitting in air-conditioned cafes sipping on afternoon tea.

We are not the ones planting food crops, or ensuring the quality of the food that enters the country or preparing the food. We are the ones who stand for 5 minutes picking the best-looking fruit.

We are not the ones who can’t go home to their family because they were separated forcefully. We are the ones who sit across our family with our eyes glued to our phone screens instead.

Everyone has a role in the society. And every role has its own difficulties. And for that very reason, we should never belittle others no matter what their role may be.

There have been numerous videos about people being disrespectful or judgemental that have went viral. And keyboard warriors flood the comments section with harsh criticism. But are we reflecting on our own behaviour as well?

When we judge others for their ‘wrongdoings’, do we also reflect on our own shortcomings? Just because someone is not being nice, doesn’t mean that we should be mean as well.

Anyway, back to topic.

There are times when I get lazy and think about the 101 things that could be better in my life.

But I am lucky enough to have a roof over my head. I am lucky enough to have a family to laugh and bicker with. I am lucky enough to be alive and kicking.

I think what I really want to say is, it’s okay to have thoughts like, “Why can’t…” But remember how fortunate we all are to be able to experience life, and don’t get stuck on getting the ‘best’ because there’s always going to be something better in time to come.

Recently I’ve been reading a book titled “Searching for and Maintaining Peace. A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart” by Father Jacques Philippe. And I’d love to share this short paragraph I found.

Happy is the man who has filled his quiver (Psalm 127) with arrows of good thoughts, that is to say, with solid convictions, based on faith, that nourish one’s intelligence and fortify one’s heart in times of trial.”

And with this, I shall end my entry for the day! (sorry for not posting the last two weeks 😦 )

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤

# 61

; ‘ugly’

Last Tuesday, I wrote a post about breast cancer.

This thought of mine was not inspired by the previous post. It came to me a couple of weeks ago, but I thought that now would be a great time to share it.

The thing about having breast cancer is that there will be scarring. And that has deterred many women from seeking treatment. Because they are ‘losing their identity as a woman’.

I think that women shouldn’t have to feel this way.

What makes a woman, a woman is not just her physical assets. I believe that every woman has something in them that makes them exuberate with confidence. And that is what they should identify themselves with.

‘Sexy’ or ‘feminine’ are not the only two words out there to describe how wonderful a woman can be. And the same goes for men. ‘Masculine’ or ‘strong’ should never be the only two words used to describe a man.

But okay, that is not the main point of today’s post.

I just really want people to know that scars are not ‘ugly’. In fact, it serves as a reminder that we are stronger than what we assume. It reminds us of what we have been through in the past.

But that’s not the only thing people think of as ‘ugly’… Birthmarks, cellulite, pimples, psoriasis, etc., the list never ends.

And what about all those ‘imperfections’?

Are they imperfections to begin with? Or are they imperfections because of society’s impossible standards of beauty?

Smooth and fair skin, toned body, perfectly styled hair.

Whatever happened to being ourselves?

We should learn to look past what’s on the skin and take a good look at what’s within – our souls.

We should learn to judge a person not by how they look, but by how they act.

We should embrace everyone. No matter their shape, their size, their race or their skin tone etc., because it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t.

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤

# 60

; breast cancer

The month of October is also known as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month to many. Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide and it can affect both men and women.

To understand more about the risk factors for Breast Cancer, please check out National Breast Cancer Foundation’s website!

Today, I am not sharing a personal story, but my mother’s story.

When my mother was in her 20s, she was diagnosed with leukaemia. After suffering in the hospital for about 2 years, she finally had a bone marrow transplant and managed to survive.

Everything was fine until last year.

The doctor found multiple lumps in her breast and confirmed it to be Stage 2B Breast Cancer.

She went for surgery twice because the first time, they did not remove all of the lumps. And she went for radiotherapy as well. But she rejected chemotherapy.

I tried to convince her to go for chemotherapy but she rejected the idea, and I sort of understood why she wouldn’t want to experience it again.

I said ‘sort of’ because I was posted to an Oncology ward previously. And seeing the patients live day by day in pain was incredibly heart wrenching. As a daughter, I didn’t want her to live through that pain. But if she needed to go through that pain to live another 10 years, then I had to at least try to convince her.

But my mother didn’t want to live through that pain again. She would rather live happily for the remaining time she has than live in agony for another couple of years.

My mother has kicked cancer’s butt twice. And now we are just playing the waiting game. Hoping that she does not get a relapse in the next 4 years.

Unfortunately for me, breast cancer is hereditary. So compared to others, I am at a much higher risk of getting breast cancer. Thus I have to be extra careful with my health if I want to live till I’m wrinkly and old HAHA.

I believe the link above will provide you with all the information you need about breast cancer, so happy reading friends!! :’)

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤

# 58

; mental health

Mental health is a topic that is really really close to my heart and Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) or Mental Health Awareness Week has just passed (it’s the first week of October), so I thought that I should write about my thoughts on it.

Even though I have never been to a psychiatrist for a proper diagnosis, I knew that something wasn’t right. I was often depressed and negative thoughts often visited my mind at the most random times of the day. Suicidal thoughts also came and went like passing clouds.

Those were dark times.

Unlike physical health issues, mental health issues can’t be seen on the surface. There are no physical symptoms or evidence. And feelings are totally objective. That’s why it is so hard to diagnose and treat.

A person with depression is not just ‘someone who is constantly sad’.

Depression is like a parasite eating you alive from within. Depression is like the family member who constantly picks a fight with you. Depression is like the waves that repeatedly crash onto shore.

Depression is a silent killer.

It may not kill someone physically, but it may kill someone’s soul.

For me, expressing my thoughts has played a major part in my recovery. Having someone listen to me go on and on about random things helped me organise my thoughts in a way. And that made me feel like I had regained a sense of control over myself.

Therefore, for those who are suffering from depression or anxiety, please grab anyone and pour out your thoughts to them, or you could leave a comment down below as well! I’d be more than glad to be a listening ear.

And for those who have loved ones suffering from depression or anxiety or any other mental illness, I hope that you’ll be patient with them. Listen to their stories even if it doesn’t make sense. Not hear, listen. Be present.

Also, I found two amazing Instagram pages that encourage people to communicate more about their mental health. Do follow them @idontmind and @namicommunicate!

You can also visit their websites for plenty of information on mental health illnesses!! Happy reading!! 🙂

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤

# 57

; ‘normal’?

I feel like I may have written something about this before but I’m not too sure…

What is considered ‘normal’?

Does one have to go to school, university and get a ‘proper’ job to be considered normal?

I think that what we consider to be ‘normal’ are really just ‘guidelines’ or expectations the society has of everyone else.

It’s like there’s an imaginary checkbox for us to tick off for every ‘milestone’ we accomplish in life.

Normality is defined as ‘the state of being usual, typical or expected’.

So here’s my question. Would you rather be ‘normal’ or would you rather be you? I feel that it is important to pursue your interests as long as it doesn’t harm people.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that ‘normal’ is bad. But the society makes it seem as though if you are ‘abnormal’, it is ‘bad’.

I have seen people who steer away from or even scowl at autistic children or people with tics. It is incredibly saddening to witness because I do have an autistic relative and the last thing that I’d want to see is him being treated the same way.

But thank God for the internet, and thank God for the courageous parents out there who have shared their heartwarming stories with their ‘abnormal’ children.

Because of the increasing awareness of mental illness, and other issues, people are becoming more accepting towards once foreign or taboo topics. Which is awesome!!

But I also think that we still have a long way to go!! Let’s continue spreading love and dissolving hate!

Always thinking,

e.clair ❤