Promise (The End)

Hello friends! So sorry I published this late at night! Promise is finally over :’) My next post would probably be a ‘2017 | thoughts’ post 🙂 Thank you for all the love you have given to Tyler and Ryan! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this one too! Warmest hugs, e.clair ♥

Promise (¾)

Hello friends, I guess I couldn’t finish ‘Promise’ within three parts HAHA. Enjoy! 😀 Warmest hugs, e.clair ♥

Promise (½)

Good evening friends! I received a few kind comments on the first part of Promise and I was delighted 😀 As usual, please leave comments for part two 🙂 Warmest hugs, e.clair ♥

Promise (¼)

“please do not mourn over me… please be happy just as you were…”

Chinatown (The End)

Hello friends! Thank you for reading the entire series and I’m glad to say that it has come to an end. I never expected all the wonderful comments. You guys shower me with so much love xx. Hope that you liked part three as much as the first two 🙂 Thank you so much for…

Chinatown (²)

Hello friends! So sorry this took awhile! Thank you for waiting xx! Hope that you like the second part of Chinatown 🙂 Warmest hugs, e.clair ♥